How much does a site cost?

There is no single answer to this question. The cost of your site depends on many issues: How big it is, the format of the page, how many images there are, who creates the images, if there is video, audio or other dynamic elements included, among many other options. The only way I can tell you how much a web site will cost is to sit down and talk with you to get a clear understanding of exactly what you want. Even then, as a job progresses, the estimate for a site may change as you decide to change or add elements to your pages. If you see web development services advertised for a flat price, make sure you fully understand what is included in that price. You will receive an estimate that outlines what is included and, very importantly, what changes will cost before entering an agreement.

How long does it take to build a site?

There is no one answer to this question. It all depends on how big a site you want, what features you want included and what are your goals for the site. A simple, two-page site can be done in a day. A large e-commerce site could take weeks. Often, even after the original site is created, changes and updates continue as your online business evolves.

Are there monthly charges? For what?

Yes. All web sites require a web site hosting service, which usually incurs a monthly charge. "Web hosting" is separate from "web design" and every web site must have web hosting. Web hosting is the storage of web site files on a computer, called a "server," which has a dedicated Internet connection. In order for your web pages to be available on the Internet they must be stored on a server somewhere. This storage and web connection service is called "hosting". Sometimes, you can receive a discount by purchasing one year of hosting in advance. If there are any additional charges beyond hosting fees it will be dependent on any updates or changes made to the site. Web Designs by Sarah Albright will agree to charge you only for the changes that you requested to your site. This will be on an hourly basis. You will be told what the hourly rate will be.

Can I make updates and changes to the site after it has been created?

You will need to contact me and I will happy to work with you to make the changes needed.

Are you equally skilled at artistic design and web programming?

Good web design is a delicate blend of these two skills. Finding a web designer who can present a professional, fast-loading, visually powerful "look" while providing excellence in programming will save you time and money, as you avoid costly mistakes that can affect the look and performance of your site.

Can you create a web site that truly reflects my company's image or am I limited to adapting my site to a template?

If you want your site to stand out from the masses and if you want to continue the "look" of your company's marketing materials, you are looking for a custom web site. Custom web sites are more effective, and they give you total control over how you present your company to the world as well as greater ability to create a site that performs strongly with the search engines.